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Club Fitting


At Morris Golf Shop, our goal is to be the go-to destination for golf clubs and equipment. We offer customers a personalized fitting experience, that they won't get at the big box golf stores. We offer an extensive range of golf equipment, including clubs, balls, and accessories, from top brands. Our products are carefully selected to meet the needs of golfers of all skill levels. We repair clubs and can also custom build clubs. See us for shaft upgrades, regripping, or club adjustments.


Personalized Fitting

We utilize the latest in technology in our fitting process. After some questions to learn about you and your goals we will take you through the fitting process. First you will hit a few balls with your clubs to warm up. We will start with a swing analysis tool that helps us determine how you swing the club. From there we will hit balls in the simulator and with different club and shaft combinations. We will record all the shot data with our fitting software using that to determine what works best. Your fitting data and club specifications will be maintained for future reference.

Extensive Range of Equipment

Morris Golf Shop has invested in high end equipment to assure proper club fitting and repairs.  We fit clubs with a Foresight Sports GC3 swing monitor and simulator package with FX Pro fitting software. The repair and club building shop features equipment from Mitchell Golf. This is the same equipment used by many club manufacturer’s in their factories, and in their PGA Tour equipment trailers.

Training & Certification

We have completed the Master Class in club fitting club building and repair by Mitchell Golf in their Albion Michigan Training Facility. We have completed online training with True Temper Shafts, Golf Pride and Lamkin Grips, and US Kids Golf.

Repair Capabilities

If you break a shaft in one of your clubs we can replace the shaft so the new shaft feels and performs like the original. We can lengthen or shorten shafts, replace ferrules, adjust lies and lofts, adjust swing weight.

Club Regripping

There’s more to regripping your clubs than simply putting on new grips. We start by measuring your hands to make sure that you get the proper size grips. We also have samples of all the current grips so you can choose a grip that’s comfortable for you. We can make grips slightly larger by adding extra tape to the shaft. New grips help your swing by helping keep you from squeezing down on the grip at transition. You should change your grips every 30 to 40 rounds for optimum performance.

Club Enhancements

We can dress up your clubs by changing your plain black ferrules to new colorful ones. We can change the paint fills in the lettering on your irons to your favorite color. We can stamp names, numbers and symbols on your wedges. We have colorful grip options. Make your clubs as individual as you are.




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